Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Why She's So Overwhelmed Planning Her Wedding to Cole Tucker

Vanessa Hudgens Says She Just Wants to ELOPE With Cole Tucker

If Vanessa Hudgens is being honest, she struggled hard to come with a game plan for her wedding to baseball pro Cole Tucker

Asked if she were more the loving-every-second, had-my-wedding-planned-since-age-8 type of bride or the sort who finds it all a big stressful, she responded, "Definitely overwhelming." Months after sharing that the hunt for a venue left her wanting to elope, the High School Musical alum revealed that running away from it all is still a pretty appealing option. 

"It is so much," the 34-year-old lamented in an exclusive interview with E! News. "So many things to decide on. And it's hard for me b…