Goldman Sachs CEO on Whether Companies Should Ostracize Russia

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Goldman Sachs chief executive David Solomon delivered an unusually expressive message late last week as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine intensified.

“None of us can fail to see this for what it is: the invasion of a sovereign state, as flagrant a violation of international law as any we’ve seen in recent memory,” he wrote in a missive to the firm’s global staff of about 40,000. “Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people and all those standing in harm’s way—their bravery and resilience are an inspiration to the world.”

In his memo, Solomon said the 153-year-old banking giant is &ldqu…

Bob Iger’s Predictions About His Successor Were Prescient

Late in 2019, during a conversation with TIME, longtime Disney CEO Bob Iger outlined the key qualities he thought his successor would need. By that time Iger had already outlasted—or moved along—several of his would-be successors, and he was very tight-lipped on who would be replacing him when his contract expired in 2020.

His ultimate choice, Bob Chapek, who had previously been in charge of Disney’s parks division, abruptly left the company on Nov. 20 after fewer than three years, and was replaced by Iger, which surprised everybody— including, reportedly, Iger. But looking back at his words from three years ago, Iger seemed to quite clearly predict why Chapek didn’t work out.

He suggested that there were four key qualities a new Disney chief ne…

It’s Not So Easy to Boycott Men

There are not many pasta companies run by women. I discovered this while standing in the aisle of my grocery store on the third day of a weeklong effort to buy things only from companies owned by or run by women, as I frantically Googled “CEO” alongside “Barilla,” “De Cecco” and then, desperately, “Banza.”

Nor are there many women-run companies that make canned beans, tomato sauce, milk (oh, the irony), beef—or a laundry list of other grocery products. Nor laundry detergent, for that matter. This was something I knew, in principle, but that became very clear the week I vowed to only spend my money at companies run by women. I kept thinking I’d found something I could buy, like Organic Girl lettuce, which screams “fe…